Norwich Charitable Trusts

Our Values

Statement of Shared Values


The world is full of difference. We value and respect this. We will be inclusive, enabling, and non-judgmental. We will not assume that we know or understand lives which are not our own and will therefore ask and seek to learn.


We will be transparent in all that we do other than where transparency would be damaging to individuals or organisations, to our ability to carry out our work or where it would be illegal.

Lack of transparency can be damaging to our individual and organisational beneficiaries in many ways. It can waste their valuable time and it can provide false hope which may delay or prevent the search for alternative sources of support.


We will have the courage to ask, to question and to challenge. We will also have the courage to take calculated risks in our grant-making. We will be ambitious, bold, agile, and unafraid to fund both the new and innovative and the ‘old’ and proven. We recognise that we don’t simply exist to make grants – rather our purpose is to enable positive change through our grant-making.


We will collaborate with those we seek to support and with other organisations where we share values and vision. We will be approachable, caring, responsive, professional, and we will listen.

We remain conscious of the inevitable power imbalance between ourselves and our beneficiaries and we will do all that we can to mitigate this. We also remain conscious of the need for second chances – for both individuals and organisations.