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Apply to live at Doughty’s

Applying to live at Doughty’s

Who may become a resident?

In order to become a resident at Doughty’s you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be at least the age to qualify for the state pension.
  • To have lived within the boundaries of the City of Norwich for a least 4 years immediately prior to applying to us (this will mean that you have paid Council Tax to Norwich City Council for this period of time)
  • To have a low income and limited financial assets

Who assesses whether Doughty’s would be suitable to meet my needs?

Our Almshouse Manager and other relevant staff will meet with you.  They will provide all of the information and guidance that you require and then will review your completed application in order to ensure that Doughty’s in appropriate to and able to meet your needs.

What are the financial criteria for eligibility to become a resident?

Our criteria for determining financial eligibility are based on the thresholds for receiving housing benefit form the local authority.  These apply to income, savings and other assets.

How are these financial criteria assessed?

As part of your application we request you to supply supporting financial information.

If I became a resident at Doughty’s, would I be able to stay in my flat without moving home again?

We aim to provide a home for life for our residents.  However, if, in the opinion of the Almshouse Manager, advised by his staff and other professionals, it becomes unsafe for you to continue to live in your own flat, even with the level of support and care which we can provide from our Domiciliary Care team, we will then discuss with you alternative options for the future.

How to apply to move to Doughty’s

  1. Make initial contact with us by telephone on 01603 621857 for an informal chat or e-mail us at
  2. Come to visit us at Doughty’s to see the site and to meet some of our staff team.
  3. Have a discussion with us about your needs and expectations of our service.
  4. If you feel it is right to progress your application, we can give you a pack to complete in order to apply to join our waiting list.
  5. The final decision about offering you residency in on of our flats will then be made by our Almshouse Manager and their team.