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Who we are

Norwich Charitable Trusts is the informal name for a group of four charities, based in Norwich, three of which make grants both to individuals and to other organisations with a charitable purpose within specific geographical boundaries. The Charities are:

The three grant-making Charities have historic endowments going back 400 years when Norwich was the second City of England after London. These historic gifts are invested and produce income and capital return, which are used to make grants.

They are Charities ‘in perpetuity’ – this means that their funds should exist without a time limit for the benefit of present and future generations of beneficiaries.

The fourth Charity oversees the Marion Road Centre, the base for day services and outreach services for older people. It does not make grants.

Historic funds for modern needs

Although the assets of the Charities date from former centuries, we recognise that people’s needs change. We strive to adapt our grant-making to keep it relevant, with the aim of improving the quality of the lives of beneficiaries – as our historic benefactors intended we should!

How to apply

Specific information on how to apply is provided on each of the 3 grant making websites.

Becoming a Trustee

A Board of Trustees is responsible for managing each of the 4 Charities. Trustees are listed on each of individual charity websites. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact David Hynes, Chief Executive, to discuss the possibility.

Senior Team Members

David Hynes,  Chief Executive

Rebecca Bird,  Director of Finance

Michael Chater,  General Manager of Doughty’s, the Almshouse owned and run by Norwich Consolidated Charities.


We do not actively seek funds. However, if you would like to make a donation or leave a legacy to one of the Charities to help us to help our beneficiaries even more, please contact the Chief Executive before you make your gift.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

If you wish to make a comment, suggestion or complaint about the work of any of the Charities, please mark your correspondence ‘private and confidential’.


or write to:

David Hynes
Chief Executive
Norwich Charitable Trusts
1 Woolgate Court
St Benedicts Street

If the comment, suggestion or complaint relates to the Chief Executive, please write to the Chairman of Trustees at the above address, again marking the envelope ‘Private and confidential’.

You will receive a written response, usually within 10 working days.

Norwich Charitable Trusts, 1 Woolgate Court, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich, NR2 4AP. Norwich Consolidated Charities, Anguish’s Educational Foundation and The Norwich Freemen’s Charity (previously known as The Norwich Town Close Estates Charity)are part of the Norwich Charitable Trusts Group. These organisations are all registered charities. Registered Charity : 1094602